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An Unknown Path! 

I really dont know where this is going to lead or what sort of end it has, the only thing I know is I am simply walking walking and walking and cannot see an end to this.  My mind has become  Blind, as if it has lost all his powers or I can say it… Continue reading An Unknown Path! 

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It started with a joke! 

It all started like Joke but the after consequences were unexpected... She is the second most important person of my life. We will never get full of us even if  spend the whole day together. She is my soul sister, motivation, schoolmate and non other than my bestest friend... We are unexpectedly similar, from food to dresses,… Continue reading It started with a joke! 

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Profound Feeling  :) 

Deep down in my heart, there is this strange feeling. It terrorizes me at time, my inner mind go blank where on the other hand it sometimes made my heart bloom with happiness...  This feeling is unexplained... It is a lovable fear... A different kind of happiness.. It is deep, as deep as the oceans. … Continue reading Profound Feeling  🙂