Is it worth it?

Days, moths and year has passed and I am still here thinking that one little question “is it really worth it?”

I get the whole thing about blogging and stuff but certainly there is something stopping me like ” No its not made for you”.

Things take time to establish and I have been really inconsistent. Most of the time tend to doubt my potential. Its not that hate comments really matter but it gets disheartening for the only matter that I am trying so hard and yet have not found out what is really my way.

But just on the other hand I have thoughts that those Brilliant minds have worked tremendously hard, devoting their good time into their business and I am here expecting a way beyond deserving results for just so ordinary efforts.

My lack of confidence on my writing skills is one the reason I have such thoughts. People have read and praised but still feel like they do that just to make me feel a little good about myself.

Ugh., I am just so clueless about my future.


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