It Is All Pre-Planned..

Yes it is . Everything that happens even that small little fall on the road side is pre planned .. like yeah it has its own lesson . Right from those unnecessary quarrels to ass breaking struggles of life , yes it is pre planned.

Everything you go through everyday is absolutely Funneling up to that extreme results that you are destined to be.

I wasn’t and will never be afraid of struggles ( just a bit lazy ). Every tale of peoples struggles tremendously inspired me like man even I want to be such an example. Yes I may not get beyond things that are simply meant to be mine but everything is worth trying. Even I fail trying those extra ordinary stuffs , I will still not lose because I’ll be having a life long experience.

I wanna die with all my wish list over .!

The slightest decision of your life changes everything is all everybody says but to my beliefs that slightest decision is also pre planned. Situations turns out to be in a way that you are simply compelled to that , you may not be left with any other option .

Having this thought help me fight a lot of things and face a lot of ridiculously strange situations. I don’t regret even the tiniest disaster, it hurts initially but this helps me stay calm. The Lord has alot for us and even if there us no lord .. there is something supernatural that has his hand on me and doesn’t fail to guide me ever .


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