Treat of Life

It feels so good when life gives a positive feel. All those sorrows and pain you have been through seem pretty little in front of these phases of immense happiness.

This post is a combined post describing the Treat life’s giving me and 2017 Favorites

To start with I want to Thanks everyone who has traveled with me in all of my tyrannies like seriously I have many . Thanks for sticking to me all throughout the year. I have lost a bunch of good friends but I never really regret meeting you because bro all the time I really enjoyed your company.

  1. Birthday

I was the happiest on this day ..

2. Trips

Traveling is fun when the companion is equally and no wonder I have a bunch of wonderful people around me.

Some memories:

The year was unexpectedly blissful.

And last but not the least my year ended with an unexpected surprise. I was hired as an intern for content writing. I have been applying since a very long time fortunately I discovered this on New Year’s Eve. I am so happy my year could not start any better than this I have been waiting for the results as I mentioned in my previous post Happiness calling

Hoping to achieve all the goals I have for this year.


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