5 points for self satisfaction..!

I was a lethargic person.. hardly considered the value of an organised life … certainly always questioned about the lost peace of mind after I grew up..!!

I have been practising all these from quite long .. and the results are more than just satisfying… you actually feel satisfied when everything goes as planned..

  • Make A Schedule!

Make sure you plan your day a night before..! Keep in mind all your appointments and meetings..and don’t forget to pamper yourself ofcrse!

  • Have enough sleep..

Its is very important to have a sufficient amount of sleep. Lack of sleep may make you feel agitated all the time. It can disturb the functioning of your body

  • Spend some time Alone.

It isn’t amusing that we are soo involved in work that we often tend to forget spend time with ourselves. Explore yourself, study your behaviour and work on for a Perfect version of you!

  • Try something new everyday..

It’s really refreshing to try something that is beyond our comfort zone… trying the same old stuff make it a tad bit boring..so try at least one thing that doesn’t count under your daily routine


Water is an essential element for each one of us and having it in the right quantity is a must . Water helps in improving a lot of processes . It improves your digestive system , it relieves acne issues. Resulting in building up your confidence..

These are the five points I practice to probably get myself a satisfying day. Comment down below and let me know what are your 5 points for a Jolly day???


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