•Black Day•

Things were getting weird day by day. It was not what I wanted it to be. This urge of ending everything was getting stronger everyday, with each passing second I searched for something I could snuggle in and escape the soul stirring words that echoed in my mind all the time. Everytime I question my existence! I was one happy fellow. I never wanted to be this , who would want tell me ? No one right?

I know where I lacked. I lack in judging people. I misunderstood his concern. I couldn’t judge his intentions. Things would have been different if I would stopped the flow.

It was one lovely day ! I was all set for my date ! Yesss exactly! It was finally happening! After all the arguments we finally decided to hangout without fighting, without dramas. Home dates are something I find way too romantic! because it just involves the two of us. He picked me up from my place! We went to his ! And everything happened! Yes it was my first time I was nervous ,scared! I marked that day as “Black Day”

I wouldn’t have minded if he would have given me some reason and left and inspite of leaving me just like that ! I would not have questioned him once if he would have said anything on my face ! But guess what he disappeared like Mr. India.

I was all shattered. “Why” is the only question I wanna ask him ! Why like this ! Wasn’t 1.5 years enough for you to understand the type of person I am ? Did I lack anywhere in expressing my feelings? Did I not tell you that you were my ultimate happiness?

Anyway you left leaving me all shattered, not caring about how much time it will take me to get back the original version, or , will I ever be me again or not . You gave me a life long lesson and thank you for making a more cautious person than ever before .



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