Her Presence Is Frustrating 

I never had such strong hatred for anyone.. But her presence simply increase the level of my agitation. .. This blog is certainly not related to any happening.. It is certainly only about the level of mental torture I feel when she is around… Some people have the tendency to annoy people without uttering a single thing and she is one of them.. 

She has no sense of anything neither dressing nor talking or anything… But I have nothing to do with that…I can insult her anytime I want.. But mother taught me certain values and morals. But she never learned “M” of the word moral values… 

Everyone is like may be you have some misconception but dude how can everyone have misconception… 

The fact is she like flauting herself.. I don’t want to use absurd language but according to our religious value and culture “You are a married Women and a Mother of a 7yr old son” and exposing yourself in front of your elder… Talking inappropriately in a louder voice is barely acceptable… 

M just waiting for the Day when Karma slaps you hard… YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS. 


3 thoughts on “Her Presence Is Frustrating 

    1. Thank you soo much for nominating ❤
      But M sorry for all this delay but I am busy in some sort of work these once I get it finished and persue my leisure days I am surely gonna complete this task!!

      P.S:- This is my frst ever nomination

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