Her Fading Youth

In the whole wide world we all have a special place for our Mothers. I have the same kind of attachment. 

Mom is someone who bring in this world, bear so much pain and what we give her in return is shameless. 

My Maa she is becoming older day by day. She is getting wrinkles on her face, hands. Still the smile melts hearts. I never had such feeling, its natural, but I don’t want to see her that way. She is my strength, my support, my friend, my everything. 

Fear of losing her gives me goosebumps. One day she won’t wake me up. One day she won’t make me breakfast. One day she won’t scold me. One day my Maa will leave me.

 Its true that life goes on.. Time doesn’t stop for anyone but it leaves marks. Some are memories and some are scars. My eyes gets filled whenever I have this thought. 

We gave her several names, maa, mummy, ammi and many more. But meaning remains same, feeling remain same. 



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