Look Beneath The Surface 

It was not her fault, Her burnt face was never her choice. She always wanted to be the center of attention but not this way. 

There was soo much she wanted to explore, but the alien look of people stopped her from stepping out.

There was much more in her body other than her burnt face, all needed to do was to ignore the burnt face and look beneath the  Surface of her body. She wanted people to notice her cheerful soul and the dreamy eyes, but people noticed her scars. She wanted someone to gift her with enormous love, but she only gained sympathy. 

She felt awful when her mother also caressed her at the unburnt part. 

She hated herself. She hated that moment when this incident happened. She hated her existence in the world. Her life was worst than a nightmare. 

She wanted to disappear to an unknown place where no one cares about her scars and all they notice should be her beautiful heart and a lovable soul. 


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