It started with a joke! 

It all started like Joke but the after consequences were unexpected… She is the second most important person of my life. We will never get full of us even if  spend the whole day together. She is my soul sister, motivation, schoolmate and non other than my bestest friend… We are unexpectedly similar, from food to dresses, from crushes to exes, she knows evefy piece and part of me … Moreover we share a great bond, we are the “Bihari Sisters” “Vanshika is her name”

Sometimes all you need is a cup of coffee and a friend in a calm environment to let your thoughts flow… I am obliged to have her in my life… Who will ever need a boyfriend when my bestfriend worries about mw mode than my boyfriend ever will… 

Its her support that I overcome my stupid breakups 😀 She is the person I can count on anytime I want 😀

It all started in a very funny way… We were schoolmates since nursery but we never really spoke to each other… As per our stream choices my group of friends got shuffled in different sections… I used to visit one of my close friend during the recess… and she hated me for that 😂 Whenever  saw me entering her class Vanshika used to shout from the extreme corner “Why are you here again?” and then start laughing on her own… STUPID 😂… She used to crack jokes over me xD insulting and what not but in a very decent way and things changed, I used to miss her damn jokes, I got used to of her company.  Now there not even a single day when she does not ask me whether I will come to school or not.. Her company is ADDICTIVE… 

She is jolly by nature and spread smile on every face she come across…of course many of my friends are jealous of her being soo close to me 😀 but the fact is everyone has there own place which can’t be replaced by anyone… Whatever type of bonding I have with Vanshika I may not have with anyone else… And what I have with others I may not have that with Vanshika.. 



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