Its All In The Mind :) 

Luxury we all are aware of this word. Luxury varies from person to person… 

Luxury is something that we wish to buy to comfort us… We all want a luxurious life. 

To me luxury is having a split AC with a super soft bed xD.. But I simply asked my maid’s daughter that what is luxury according to her…. Her answer made me realize how lucky I am … She wanted to have a set of new clothes.. She was tired of wearing those second hand, mismatched, torned, faded colored clothes. All she wished was a pair of new clothes. 

A reality hit my mind real hard. I am lucky! to have soo much with me. GOOD CLOTHES, HYGIENIC FOOD, A PERMANENT SHELTER. Some doesn’t even have this.. Its all in our mind… Our never ending desires.. 

We are soo busy with ourselves that we forget that there are some people who sleep without food.. I am here crying because of my breakup,but she didn’t even complain her mother for giving her used attires. I am thankful to God for giving me all that I deserve… 


7 thoughts on “Its All In The Mind :) 

  1. I know that there is a lot that I take for granted (even just tomorrow…I usually feel entitled to tomorrow), but I got a kick out of how you mentioned the AC and Bed as luxuries outright and then you subtly slid the maid into the next sentence.

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