Praising Myself Up!! 

Things have been difficult for me this week, some correct decisions that were Heartbreaking. But time doesn’t stop for anyone, life goes on. 

Forgetting all my sorrows, pains etc I am giving myself a chance to begin things from the starting… IN SHORT A NEW BEGINNING IS ON MY WAY. 

How should I start? I am really confused, should it be like adapting something new, or like what? Any suggestions please!  

Still a 12th grader but feels like its the end of my life 😂 but as always My mom’s smile fades out every problem of my life. She is a blessing. 

Though I write soo much about my problems but the fact is I forget about it within a day or two and I am happy to have this habit. The more you think of your problem, more you will feel depressed. 

I have wasted alot its time for me to mug up all my stuff and focus on what is important. 

Praise yourself its just the beginning!! 



4 thoughts on “Praising Myself Up!! 

  1. Hey ! Breathe …. Everyday is a new day !
    Focus on what has to be accomplished today .
    work hard and be discplined. That s the need of the hour . You need to eat , sleep , study and have some time for recreation . Balance it out . In all honesty , at 18 , you have no clue what problems really are so chill !
    Best wishes for a bright future 💐


  2. Good luck for your 12th grade! Hope you shine when in the end results are out. Still, focus more on enjoying and studying. 😉
    Change is important, it creates a sense of growth. Smile more. Breathe more. And don’t forget to look at yourself in the mirror and call, “Oo dear, beauty”. 😊😊

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