Profound Feeling  :) 

Deep down in my heart, there is this strange feeling. It terrorizes me at time, my inner mind go blank where on the other hand it sometimes made my heart bloom with happiness… 

This feeling is unexplained… It is a lovable fear… A different kind of happiness.. It is deep, as deep as the oceans. 

I encounter with this feeling frequently these days .. all those frightening goosebumps gives an indescribable pleasure…

The falling snowflakes added colours to the mood! Sensually created a vision of heaven… 

This feeling is strange but I want to feel this different feel. … I am enjoying the frightening sensation it gives me… The fast heartbeat (probably on urge of failure) incredibly  makes me uncomfortable and joyful at the same time…. 

This  Profound feeling should be left unexplained… It has its own charm this way! 


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