Your Apology Could Have Made The Difference !

Apology sometimes it can really make big changes !

His apology could have changed the situation we are going through!

 Your ignorance was toleratable but your cheating is beyond every limit…

I adjusted in the way you wanted me to! Have I gone wrong anywhere ? Am I that bad? NO, certainly not… Its because you have a habit of being dominant…you are a fearful person and have always feared to face rejection!


But at some corner of my heart I am still waiting for an  Apology… It surely doesn’t heal the broken soul but somewhere it is going to lighten the pain or give strength to recollect my pieces.

You tore me out in pieces and still want me to not hold grudges! 

Thanks for all the fake love and care ! May be you really cared but it seems fake now. I loved you and I am still trying to overcome your lies . I am still trying to end this horrible nightmare but to my badluck , this is not a nightmare! 


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