My Dramatic Life!

Dramatic is the word for today !

Life shows us various phases … where we want to keep some in our memory lane and forget the bads and odds of life ! This Drama is natural !

We all come across where situation some are tough on the other hand we find difficult to survive in certain situations !!

My life had been dramatic since the day I was born ! I wonder what lesson does the almighty wants to teach me? I am just 18 and I already had various drastic changes in my life !

And this drama continues ! Life is all about ups and downs ! It has alot to learn than be afraid of! The only thing one has to remind himself is “You are strong , you can face this”.

  • Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on!
  • A hand to hold on .
  • A family to be cared by 

Life without drama is like … umm… A food without salt… Tasteless and bitter!…. Drama fill you up with joys sometimes ,sorrow in the other second and lessons every hour!

One must joyfully accept this drama and enjoy the happenings of life πŸ™‚


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