The Blowing Wind Of Love

“Love” this word has no particular meaning … it is parental love, the bonding of sister is also love , never ending love of the old couples , love between the blushing love birds. Love is all around. It flows with the soft Blowing Wind

And this wind soon knocked on my doors too. He came all set to please me in every manner. His pampering words made me fall for him even more. His every touch gave me goosebumps. His face makes me lose senses. 

Sleepless dark nights turned into beautiful dreamy nights. He changed my world upside down. I have realised how special someone can be. He made me feel special .

I wanted to tell the world that yes I own this guy for all my life. I want to explore the world into his arms. Its weird that a yesterday’s somebody made your goodbyes so hard today.

We never know what happens next…I was a hopeless bee roaming around to find happiness anywhere in the entire world. But I never knew happiness will knock my door in such a way !

I was the lucky one to get hit by the  Wind of love , it could be you tomorrow!


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