Maa! My only Admiration !

Admire , the time I saw this topic and the only image that came to my mind was of my Mother. Yes, I admire my mom. 

“MOM” a three letter world where my universe reside. A word that simply describes purity, purity of heart and soul .

I Admire every inch of my mom. I want to acquire all her habits, her beauty, her selfless nature. 

She tolerated soo much of pain to bring me into this lovely world …. I want to make her world filled with cherrishing memories …

The only message I wanna giver her is …

Maa (mom) I love you soo much , I am a tough daughter to handle , but trust me I will make you proud one day , I want to fill your sparkling eyes with tears of immense happiness. You are the only women I will ever  Admire.”


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