Tears wont Stop !

“She grew up faking things”

When she thought everything was on track, then life happened. Its not always about how you show up in front everyone. The jolly girl down there still had several reason for which she wants to cry out loud, she wants to scream in pain , but, she cannot. Not every smiling person is happy

She never wanted to have any sympathy all she wanted was a peaceful life! Was that too much she asked for?  Her life seemed like a curse ! A curse that cannot be undone ever ! She thought its her sins that she is facing such terrible pain in her life.

She needed a break… A break from all the problems ! She is filled with sorrows deep inside. Be it love life , academics or anything ,she believes its never gonna change. 

She slept on one side of the bed with filled eyes , sobbing every night. The only thing she was waiting for was a miracle to happen and fill colours in her colourless life. She wished for a night without tears . She wanted to stop her   Unstoppable TEARS…….


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