Starting with an Introduction

My first blog is not about any particular thing or on any topic.

Its about Me ! 

My name is Vaishnavi . I am from Delhi NCR , India . I am a student in class 12th ,on the urge of ending my school life . Like every average person I also have ambitions , my foremost goal is to SEE SPARKLING HAPPINESS IN MY MOTHER’s EYES.

I belong to a middle class family , and like every other middle class family in India my family has also taken a lot of pain in the upbringing of me and my sister . With every every successive year their burdens doubled but , they never showed up! *Strong*  Their smile never faded . I believe that one day I will sure make them proud .

Blogging has always been my hobby. Beside blogging I like travelling , reading novels , being social , indulging into social work , Dancing . I have achieved medal , trophies and certificate at different levels of dance competition .

My blog will mainly contain contents related to life , love , personal development etc . I just want to share what I know through my blogs and want to learn from others experience nd knowledge. 


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