Hey there !!!

To start with I would like to introduce myself. I am Vaishnavi, the writer obviously. I am 19 and persuing my graduation in commerce ( sounds like I am nerd ? Absolutely not). I am a fun person, a completely crazy head and insanely facinated about writing.

I am not really introvert but m not even extrovert 🤔

Why blogging?

Because I love it may be. Blogging helps me getting that inner peace which I lost unknowingly. So yeah this how I  cope up with all the stress I have and Isn’t amazing to actually share your thoughts, happenings with the entire world.

Happiness lies where your soul gets it extreme comfort ! Doing things with no heart and soul just stress the hell out of you. So do what you think is best for you and obviously only if you love it because YOLO❤️


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